Manual-For the creation, training and application of protection policies for women and children in Hospitality and tourism management field.

This manual was constructed based on the knowledge and experience of the Plan & Go experts in the support of women and children sexually exploited and trafficked and also in the experience of our partners to guarantee support for the people accommodated in “ Rafaelo” Resort in Shëngjin and “Kolaveri” in Golem. This manual aims to aid “ Rafaelo” Resort in Shëngjin and “Kolaveri” in Golem in completing their legal obligations to protect children and women. With this manual Plan & Go aims to: raise the awareness of the parties involved in tourism on the vulnerability of women and children especially regarding abuse and sexual exploitation; enabling employees in recognizing the signs of abuse and trafficking of women and children so they can report and refer the cases immediately. Plan & Go hopes that this material will incentivize the tourism parties to initiate steps to make this field safe for children and women.


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