Providing direct support and protection services to girls victims of trafficking

On World Day Against Trafficking in Human Beings, Plan & Go confirms its ongoing efforts to:
• provide quality protection services for victims of trafficking;
• promote the rights of victims of trafficking;
• contributed to the fight against trafficking in human beings.

With the financial support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC), Plan & Go will begin on 1 August the implementation of the project entitled “Providing direct support and protection services to girls victims of trafficking”.

The project will be implemented in the Municipalities of Tirana and Dibër and targets girls aged 14-18 who are victims of trafficking, potential victims of trafficking and at risk of trafficking.

Plan & Go will work mainly in communities that are most at risk of being affected by the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings and will implement activities that focus on providing direct support to targeted girls as well as preventing the phenomenon of trafficking or re-trafficking.


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