Each individual is protected, reaches her/his maximum potential, participates and actively contributes to the society

To empower marginalized individuals and groups and promote their rights through:

Providing direct services

Capacity building for public and non-public agencies

Advocacy and social policy development

Research and studies

The non-profit organization Plan&Go was founded in the form of a CENTER in June 2008, pursuant to law 8788 dated 07.05.2001 “On non-profit organizations”. The Plan&Go center can carry out its activity for an indefinite period of time.

The center has its own logo. This logo is also placed on the seal of the institution.

Since the beginning, the Plan&Go center has its main location in Tirana and is allowed to create branches or affiliates throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania or outside of it.

The governing bodies of the Center are:

  • Board (consisting of 3 members)
  • Executive Director

The Organization’s goal is to contribute to changing the social, economic and political context that creates vulnerability to abuse, violence, neglect and trafficking and to enable individuals and families to fulfill their rights and realize their potential.

Members of the organization over the years have worked with the most vulnerable individuals and groups such as children and young people whose lives have been seriously endangered, families unable to provide the basics and guidance for their children and communities unable to create protective mechanisms and to access public services.

Since its establishment, the organization has combined awareness raising with capacity building and direct service delivery. The organization bases its interventions on careful assessment of needs and coordination with other public and non-public actors in Albania.

The main address of Plan&Go is Rr. “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Building no. 6, Staircase no. 1, Floor no. 3, Apartment no. 8, Unit Adm. no. 2 Tirana, Albania.

Main areas of intervention

We work to: prevent child harm,abuse and neglect- support and strengthen families- increase the capacities of service providers

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“Cash Plus”
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Our Partners

Our Partners and Donors


We will try to reply you promptly. Drop an email organizataplan_go@yahoo.com or number 04 223 6383 or visit our office (Rruga ‘ Luigj Gurakuqi ‘, pall.6, Shk.1,kati 3, Ap.7 Tirana).