Each individual is protected, reaches her/his maximum potential, participates and actively contributes to the society

To empower marginalized individuals and groups and promote their rights through:

Providing direct services

Capacity building for public and non-public agencies

Advocacy and social policy development

Research and studies

The organization Plan&Go was founded in 2008 by two practitioners of social sciences Ms. Silvana Haxhiaj and Ms. Holta Koci. Working with international organizations, they realized that civil society in Albania needed a new approach and a new type of engagement to the inclusion and protection of marginalized groups.

Key elements of this new approach would be:

Acknowledging the marginalized individuals and groups’ views;

Identification of change points and change agents and working on/with them empowering

Coordination with other organizations and avoid of overlap.

Main areas of intervention

We work to: prevent child harm,abuse and neglect- support and strengthen families- increase the capacities of service providers

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Our Partners

Our Partners and Donors


We will try to reply you promptly. Drop an email (organizataplan_go@yahoo.com; info@planandgo.org) or number 04 223 6383 or visit our office (Rruga ‘ Luigj Gurakuqi ‘, pall.6, Shk.1,kati 3, Ap.7 Tirana).