Irida Gjata

Social Worker

Irida Gjata

Social Worker

Irida Gjata completed her studies in Social Worker at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana, from 2003 – 2007.

Ever since high school, Irida has had a passion and strong desire to help anyone in need and provide them with support.

Her first volunteer work was with was with ‘Red Cross’ organization in her hometown, where she contributed through in various activities. This is where her journey into voluntary work began, assisting individuals, groups and communities in need.

During these years, she came to realize that her dreams and aspirations revolved around helping those in need. This realization leads her to pursue the study of Social Work as a deeply human and people centered profession.

Throughout her years of study, she has actively volunteered with various organizations that offer programs and assistance to individuals and groups in need.

Her first professional experience was as an advisor and subsequently a supervisor at the National Child Helpline ALO 116 000.

Over a period of ten years, Irida has worked as the Program Manager at ACA- Albania Community Assist Center, overseeing programs implemented by the organization.

Additionally, Irida has taken on the roles of trainer and moderator for social and health programs funded and supported by UNFPA.

She has contributed her expertise and professionalism to assist minors in conflict with law.

Currently, Irida is employed at the ‘Plan & Go’ Center, where she utilizes her experience and expertise as a project coordinator, working with refugees who have been evacuated in Albania.

Her dreams and desires are centered on providing unconditional assistance and support to all individuals facing challenging circumstances.