Social economic empowerment

Donation Goal For This Project is

Our objective

To empower and promote sustainable social and economic independence for vulnerable groups

Our work

  • Social empowerment

Organizing parenting support program focusing on two main streams:

  1. a) Parenting skills

The aim of this stream is to increase the parenting skills of the target parents. Topics include:

  • Parenting styles
  • Child development
  • Communication within families
  • Being a role model
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Peer to peer parenting sessions, including bespoke sessions for returnee parents
  1. b) Civic education

The aim of this stream is to raise awareness on parenting related subjects.  Topics include:

  • Resolving family conflict
  • Preventing domestic violence
  • Managing finances
  • Supporting children in difficult situations, with a focus for returnee families
  • Public health
  • Family health, basic hygiene
  • Access to basic services such as economic aid and public training opportunities
  • Importance of education of girls
  • Reintegration and support services for returnee families


  • Economic empowerment

Supporting the establishment of a social business which employee’s women victims of Trafficking and women Victims of Domestic Violence.  The social enterprise is a dry cleaning business.  It is further establishing cooperation links between CSOs and vulnerable groups for their economic empowerment.

Increasing the employment skills of vulnerable individuals through coaching for employment training programme followed by structured on-the-job internship scheme.

Supported with a programme of individualized mentoring and coaching sessions for the beneficiaries.

Facilitation of low skills youth and parents to vocational training opportunities, employment opportunities to public and private entrepreneurship, support on self-employment and social