Deme Hoxha

Deme has completed her studies at the University "Aleksander Moisiu Durres". She is experienced in working directly with children of different ages and backgrounds and has acquired valuable knowledge to support children develop their educational outcomes. Deme has worked closely with parents, educational institutions and different service providers to facilitate provision of

Çesika Kryemadhi

  Çesika received her Master of Science, degree in Psychology-Sociology at Aleksandër Moisiu University. She is experienced in working with children, young people and their families. Cesika has attended several trainings and capacity building sessions focusing on child protection, children living in residential institutions and human trafficking. Prior to her engagement at

Elira Yzeiri

  Elira has completed her master degree in Social Work, Clinic Orientation at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Tirana. Since graduating in 2017, Elira has practiced a wide range of settings. She has gained knowledge and experience in anti-trafficking issues through her involvement in projects which aimed at improving prevention,

Fatjona Lumani

  Fatjona earned her Master of Science degree in Social Policy in 2012 in the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences. Since 2011 she has been contributing to protecting children and groups at risk. Her professional expertise includes a commitment to improving the child protection system in Albania. Fatjona is a

Malbora Shahini

  Malbora is the Executive Director of Plan&Go. Over the last 10 years Malbora has been dedicated to directly supporting and assisting vulnerable children, women and youth. She is actively engaged in the capacity-building of civil society organizations and institutions that address issues related to child protection, human trafficking and community development.

Alma Grazhdani

  Alma Grazhdani is the Finance Officer of Plan & Go. She was graduated in Finance at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics in 2001. Since her graduation she has had a progressive carrier in finance. Before joining Plan & Go she used to worked at TID shpk, a large construction

Erjola Kaçi

  Erjola Kaçi is the Program Development Officer of Plan & Go. She has extensive experience supporting the most vulnerable, deprived and marginalized individuals and groups in her community. She has valuable experience designing and managing a variety of national and international projects focusing on children, youth, and women victims of violence