Community development

Our objective To provide early detection and prevention of social problems among children, young people and other vulnerable community members as early as possible. Our work Ensuring participation and integration of vulnerable communities within the society. Raise awareness within the communities on the importance of preventative healthcare, immunizations and importance of education.


Our objective The rights of trafficked persons are improved, implemented and protected in practice. Our work Raising awareness of general public on identification and protection of children victims of trafficking. Information related to identification and protection of victims of trafficking is disseminated national wide. Providing support to improve the living conditions of

Social economic empowerment

Our objective To empower and promote sustainable social and economic independence for vulnerable groups Our work Social empowerment Organizing parenting support program focusing on two main streams: a) Parenting skills The aim of this stream is to increase the parenting skills of the target parents. Topics include: Parenting styles Child development Communication


Our objective Advocating to ensure that children are heard Our work Facilitate the promotion and protection of the rights of children, as formulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Establishing links and sharing information and strategies with state and non-state children’s rights agencies. Conducting activities to inform children

Child protection

Our objective Promote the best interests and welfare of children through ensuring protection, care and development Our work Raising awareness and working directly on preventing child abuse and neglect. Piloting the supervised “at home” protection for children victims of trafficking. Plan&Go staff works closely with the Child Protection Worker to support families